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The Regular – Did Not Know


"Dans le dernier single de The Regular, « Did Not Know« , le groupe montre sa capacité à combiner des mélodies entraînantes et entraînantes avec un lyrisme poétique. « Did Not Know » englobe les forces du groupe, offrant à la fois des couplets et des refrains à haute cadence et des ponts lents qui viennent prendre le contre pied du reste du titre!"







Envie de voyager? | The Regular-Don’t Let Me Go




"Il est parfois insultant de voir à quel point un artiste arrive à nous faire voyager de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique simplement avec une série d’accord et une fois puissante! 

The Regular avec ce clip nous emporte avec lui dans son univers. Sa mission faire des chansons qui donnent envie de chanter! C’est assez réussit, oui cher Band d’indie Folk originaire de Denver Colorado, vous avez réussi à nous faire chanter et danser.

Si vous aimez Bob Dylan et Lumineers, vous allez aimer ce groupe! Le single est disponible partout dont"

The Regular: banda lança videoclipe inédito “Don’t Let Me Go”

Janeiro 13, 202169 views0

"The Regular se trata de uma banda de Indie-Folk, o conjunto usa como inspiração os artista Bob Dylan e the Lumineers.

Na sua nova faixa “Don’t Let Me Go” eles oferecem uma sonoridade versátil com batidas envolventes, acesse agora no link abaixo"


Mais informações:






The Regular – Don’t Let Me Go

Published on January 16, 2021

"This beautiful masterpiece “Don’t Let Me Go” by the indie-folk band The Regular, is going to leave you stuck on repeat for days! The song comes with a wonderful music video that will definitely give you a better experience while listening. The singing voice is a piece of heaven and the tune is very catchy. The lyrics are original, beautifully written and mesh with the vocal melodies perfectly. The guitars are beautiful and the production is polished and sounds very professional. This song is a great experience from start to finish! We hope you love it as much as we do!"


The Regular “Don’t Let Me Go” ll USA

"S’il n’y’en avait qu’un à retenir, retenez celui-ci ! The Regular est un groupe originaire du Colorado et qui déploie une folk intense, qui, guidé par la voix magnifique de leur chanteur, s’aventure sur des terrains qui auraient plus autant à Bob Dylan qu’à Asaf Avidan, ou The Lumineers. On découvre leur dernier et pas très Regular clip, « Don’t Let Me Go » !"  

American Indie Band, The Regular, Release Beautiful New Folk-Rock Single “What I Had”

The Regular is a Denver, CO based Indie/Folk band who are best known for creating a wide range of music from folksy upbeat songs to slow, soulful ballads. The inspiration they draw from artists like Bob Dylan and the Lumineers is ever present in their work. Their new folk single “What I Had” uses upbeat percussion and forlorn string instruments to give the song a complex emotional profile. The rich vocals add a beautiful depth to the composition and yet another layer to the bittersweet mood of the song.


The Regular – “What I had”
"-I dig the folk spirit of this track more than I can adequately express. There’s a bit of good time yeehawing like a country tune, a bit of dynamic piano work like a show tune, and a lot of dripping authenticity like an Americana song ought to have. The lead vocal soars on the chorus, allowing the song to go from down to earth to an exciting folk excitement track like you might expect from the Lumineers or the Head and the Heart. The Regular have the promise to reach that level!"




 3 months ago 


 June 1, 2021


 Cait McMahon

The Regular re-invigorate indie-folk with their single “Animal”, which features brilliant pianos and tip-top instrumental layering.




"The Regular is an indie-folk band based in Denver, Colorado. Despite their name, the four-piece is splendrous and refreshing in many different ways. Creating a captivating sound inspired by artists like Bob Dylan and The Lumineers. Their music offers a variety of sound, which takes shape from the catchy, off-your-feet melodies to the raw, slow and sultry ballads.


“This song comes from a journey of human emotion. ‘Animal’ begins from a place of loneliness and self-doubt and evolves into a positive mantra of self-assurance. Our promotion plan entails cross-platform social media advertisement along with utilizing our established connection with industry peers and fans.” says The Regular."

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